New: Kägi Coconut and Kägi Strawberry

Fruity and fresh for summertime! Try our new limited editions now.

Kaegi Lim Ed E

Already looking forward to wonderful summer sun after the long, cold winter?

We have the perfect accompaniment: Kägi Coconut and Kägi Strawberry! Try our new summer limited editions now: 


Kägi Strawberry is bursting with fruity freshness. The intense taste is all thanks to the natural, carefully selected ingredients: ripe, freeze-dried strawberries and Swiss cream. Exquisitely fine and crispy waffle builds a delicate foundation for the light and airy strawberry filling – and it’s all rounded out to perfection with a coating of home-made Swiss chocolate. Enjoy a hint of summer freshness with every bite – these Minis are a berry good combination indeed!

Could summer get any better? Kägi Coconut is an irresistibly summery pairing of exotic coconut cream filling and everyone’s favourite classic Toggenburg chocolate waffle. 

Enjoy both varieties right from the fridge for an even fresher feeling!

04. April 2017