Kägi MÄX

Kägi MÄX offers an intensive chocolate experience, however through the combination with four layers of crispy chocolate wafers it remains light and does not satiate. Chocolate irresistibly runs through the whole bar: In the cream filling there are also

carefully roasted pieces of hazelnut, replenishes the crispy light wafer unobtrusively and enwraps it with an extra rich layer. So Kägi MÄX offers maximum chocolate indulgence, maximum lightness, maximum Swiss quality and thus maximum indulgence!

Where can I buy Kägi MÄX?

The single bar Kägi MÄX. Available at Kkiosk, Avec, at the checkouts of many Coop Pronto, Volg or Spar shops, at some Agrola, Avia and BP petrol stations as well as at Prodega and TopCC..

2210 Kaegi Maex 1 1000