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Kägi Praliné des Alpes

Combining passion and expertise creates something truly exceptional. With Praliné des Alpes, Kägi’s chocolatiers and patissiers have created an exquisitely delicious treat from the finest ingredients. A light and airy creation made with a melt-in-your-mouth cream filling and wafer-thin Kägi waffle, coated in the finest home-made Kägi chocolate. The latest creation from the traditional chocolaterie located in the Toggenburg region is pure Swissness for the senses. It is an indulgence that makes any moment perfect.

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Where can I buy Kägi Praliné des Alpes?

Kägi Praliné des Alpes are available at many Swiss branches of Coop, Volg, Spar, k kiosk, avec, TopShop and Manor. They can also be found in Edeka supermarkets in south-west Germany and at HIT stores in the rest of the country.